Office Hours

Office Hours Begin 

Wednesday, September 21!


On Wednesdays and Thursdays, teachers will be available from 2:35-3:35. Office Hours are optional on a drop-in basis. Please read the following guidelines and review them with your children.


Office Hours Guidelines and Policies:


  • Office Hours may be used for extra help, extra time, to catch up if you were absent, or to complete homework in a quiet, supportive environment. In addition to subject teachers, peer tutors may be available during Office Hours. Students may visit their teachers or teachers who they don’t have but who teach the grade/subject that the student needs support in. Please refer to the Office Hours schedule to see when/where each teacher has Office Hours.
  • Students must log in and out of Office Hours in the sign-in book in each room.
  • Students must be quiet and respectful during office hours. Students who are disturbing others will be asked to leave.
  • Students must be in a classroom, not roaming the hallways.
  • Teachers will turn away students if their rooms are over capacity.
  • Office Hours is optional; however, teachers may request students to attend on certain days.
  • Once checked into a classroom, students are permitted to call a family member to let them know they are staying for Office Hours.
  • Students may leave Office Hours before 3:35 if business is complete, to either go to another teacher’s office hours or dismiss and go home.
  • All students must dismiss through 345 Dean Street when leaving Office Hours.  
  • Sixth Grade students who take the long yellow school bus will be able to take a bus that leaves after Office Hours at 3:35.