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7th Grade Unit 2 Calendar: Forensics and Justice

7th-grade-unit-2-2016-2017 ... Read More>>

8th Grade Unit 2 Calendar: Perception

8th-grade-perception-2016-2017 ... Read More>>

8th Grade Bioethics Expo – December 2nd, 5th, 12th & 13th

8th Grade Unit 1 Expo "Lessons on Bioethical Questions" - December 2,5,12,13. Your child should know on which date they are teaching their lesson.  Please join us! See attached flier for timing and details. ... Read More>>

Chaperone Unit 2 Exploration Trips

Want to chaperone a Unit 2 Exploration trip? We'd love to have you! Your choices are below. Remember,  you can chaperone even if your child is in a different class or grade. Thanks for your help, we can't do it without you. City Planning 6th grade Forensics and Justice 7th grade  Perception ... Read More>>

8th Grade Bioethics

On a recent trip to the Sackler Lab at the American Museum of Natural History 8th grade students broke down cell walls and used electrophoresis techniques as they tested Corn Chips and Oatmeal to determine if they had been Genetically Modified. They were also introduced to relevant facts and ... Read More>>

8th Grade Bioethics

Your 8th grade students are learning to consider relevant facts, stakeholders, and ethical considerations such as respect for people, harms and benefits, fairness, and responsibility to themselves and their communities as they make ethical decisions. Currently they are working on group projects that ... Read More>>

7th Grade Building NYC: Liberty Science Skyscraper Exhibit

7th grade students tested their beam walking skills and experienced hurricane like weather conditions as they researched the purpose of Curtain Walls. Ask your 7th graders to tell you about their Liberty Science Museum experience. ... Read More>>

6th Grade: Greenmarket Trips

As part of the 6th Grade Food For Thought Unit students travel to local greenmarkets to research local and seasonal foods.  They will use their research to select delicious recipes for inclusion in their collaboratively and creatively planned Restaurants.  You may join us on December 16th or 19th to ... Read More>>

6th Grade Expo Stewardship Trip

Sixth graders visited the Grand Ferry Park in Williamsburg for their final Aquatic Stewardship trip. They partnered with the NYC Parks Department and Masters of Succession Collective to clean up the park. We are so proud of their hard work! ... Read More>>

Exploration campaign to express “Why We Love NYC Tap Water.”

Check out what 6th grade Exploration students created, a postcard campaign about NYC tap water. New York City’s tap water has been called “the champagne of drinking water.” The water supply system delivers one billion gallons a day to more than 9.5 million people. This campaign seeks to increase ... Read More>>