6th Grade News

6th Grade Exploration – Revised Calendar

Here is the REVISED Unit 2 Exploration Calendar.  Changes had to be made due to the Cancellation of an E Day trip as a result of snow.  Most notably, E day will not be able to make up the trip to the Queens Museum of Art and F day added a week to the unit so that we could include for them the ... Read More>>

Food for Thought Photo Gallery

In our first 6th Grade Exploration unit, "Food for Thought," students learned about the factors that determine the availability of natural resources, about how our eating practices affect the local and global environment, about local and sustainable food sources, and about the human cost of our food ... Read More>>

Camp Bernie Photo Gallery

We had a fantastic trip to Camp Bernie, filled with adventure and new friends. ... Read More>>

Green Group Grange Gallery

Food for Thought 6th grade explorers checked out the rooftop farm at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. ... Read More>>

Keeping it Together: Executive Functioning Presentation

Did you miss the executive functioning slideshow on Curriculum Night? Here it is! Keeping it Together Presentation   ... Read More>>

6th Grade Exploration: Food for Thought

Welcome to another fantastic year of Exploration.  Your child's first unit is Food for Thought.  Below you will find a copy of the Curriculum Letter and the E and F day 6th Grade Exploration calendars.  (These also should have come home to you in your child's backpack.) As always we need ... Read More>>

Communication & Grades at MS 447

Find out about communicating with teachers and using Pupilpath with this helpful slideshow.   Grades and Communication Presentation ... Read More>>

Rising 6th Grade Summer Assignments & Supply List

Hello 6th Graders. We're looking forward to having you here! Here are some activities to get you started. The supply list is below, but keep in mind that we will have a supply closet with free supplies if cost is an issue for your family. HW-1 HW-2 HW-3 HW-4 Supply List ... Read More>>

6th Grade Water Stewardship Exploration Update

Take a look at the updated 6th grade Exploration Calendars for the remainder of the year.  Most of the changes are reflected on the E Day Calendar due to the cancellation of the Sloop Clearwater Trip.  Please note:  We were unable to reschedule the sailing trip, but have scheduled in its place ... Read More>>

Bamboo Trellis Project

These are the bamboo trellises that our eighth-grade service learning group created. They will go into the boxes that they built for our six graders to grow vegetables. They used the ancient Japanese lashing method to connect the bamboo.   ... Read More>>