SpoTLighT on SixtH

SpotLighT On SixtH!

Dear 6th grade families.

As you may be aware we typically hold our Student of the Month/Grade Assemblies at the beginning of each month.  These are informal in-school gatherings where classes get together, announcements of up-coming events are made, and awards given out to nominated students in recognition of their efforts in academic subjects, talent classes, or citizenship. 

We would like to begin a more interactive assembly program for staff and students.  Beginning on our next scheduled assembly, Monday, January 13th ,  we will accept student volunteers to perform.  Students from any of our sixth grade classes can plan an individual or group ‘act’.  Students may choose to recite an original poem, sing a song, perform a step or dance routine, tell a series of jokes, act out a dramatization, or other performance related activity.

In the interest of time, we will be limited to 6 acts for each assembly.  Students are being encouraged to sign up by seeing me, Ms. Katz.  If not in my office, please leave a note on the door!  Students wishing to sign up should have a plan for what they want to perform.  There will be a first come – first to be scheduled policy to start us off.  We have a feeling we have many outstanding students with a variety of talents just waiting to be shared.

 Please help us spread the word to your child.  Help them to prepare as well as remind them about being a good audience member.   All students, whether perfoming or supporting are appreciated!!!

Warm regards, Mili Katz