SONYC May Newsletter


Big Brothers Big Sisters NYC SONYC Afterschool program @ MS 447

MAY Newsletter

It feels like summer in the springtime!

5 weeks of SONYC Remain for the 2014-2015 school year!


It is amazing how fast time has progressed!  8 fun filled exciting, engaging and productive months have gone by leaving only 6 weeks left of programming!  We hope that your child(ren) have enjoyed the SONYC Afterschool program thus far.  Here are some updates and reminders for the final weeks of programming.

Into the Woods Play

Approaches us in a few short weeks on May 21st 2015 at 6pm in the school auditorium.  Come show your support to our participants and staff who have worked all semester long (and continue to) to put this wonderful play on for our viewing pleasure.


Thursday, June 4thNo School but Afterschool will be in session.  We will be taking 35 youth to Dave and Busters and then to a movie in the Manhattan Time Square Area. Students with the highest attendance within afterschool will be selected to attend this trip. – Permission Slips have been distributed to students.


Tuesday, June 9th – ½ day – Students are dismissed at 11am, however we will be taking 40 students to Sony Wonder lab from 11-2pm.  We will return to school at 2:30pm for normal afterschool programming.  Permission Slips will be distributed Next Tuesday May 27th .  This trip is first come first serve.


Thursday, June 11th – BBBSNYC SONYC @ MS 447 Recognition Ceremony at 5:30pm.  Formal invitations are to follow but it will be a time for acknowledging students for their participation in afterschool program from Activity all-stars, to attendance all stars.  Light Refreshments will be served.

Thursday , June 25th – Last Day of SONYC Afterschool.  Unfortunately, we will NOT be offering SUMMER CAMP SERVICES this year.  For summer camp resources visit :


During Spring Recess, participants were treated to 3 trips.  First students learned how Applebee’s Restaurant makes their delicious food daily with an interactive kitchen tour.  Afterwards enjoyed a meal, sat through the action packed movie, Furious 7, and participated in a Times Square Scavenger Hunt.

Our second trip was to the New York International Auto Show held at the Jacob Javits Center.  Participants were able to learn about the engineering that goes into various car models and learn about fuel efficiency, tops speeds, sports cars and luxury cars. Participants participated in car simulators as well the Toyota test drive experience.


Lastly, Students were invited to the Jordan Brand Basketball classic in which current High school all-stars ( Boys and Girls Teams)  played in an East vs West and USA vs World format for bragging rights for the 2014-2015 year.  Participants were excited to see the East and West girls’ national team go against each for 40 minutes which ended with East taking the crown.


DYCD NIKE Girls Basketball Team:

Congratulations to our girls team finished with a record of 2-2 in the Nike Zoon Basketball League.  We are currently awaiting the playoff schedule and as soon as we receive information on this we will share it.



  • Schedule Reminder
  • Monday – Thursday


        • 2:20pm-2:30pm Snack
        • 2:30pm-3:00pm – Homework Help or Teambuilding Activities*
        • 3pm-4pm Session 1 Activities
        • 4pm-5pm Session 2 Activities
        • 5pm-5:30pm Homework or Team Building Activities*


  • 5:30pm- Dismissal


*2 groups of students will start with Homework and end with Team Building Activities and 2 groups will start with Team building and end with Homework.  These groups are predetermined by SONYC staff.


  • Friday


        • 2:20-2:30 Snack
        • 2:30-4pm Session 1 Activities
        • 4pm-5pm Session 2 Activities


  • 5pm- Dismissal


Dismissal Policy

Students whom have permission to go home by themselves are dismissed from 2nd session activities at 5:30pm (Monday- Thursday) or 5pm on Fridays.

Students whose parents/guardians pick them up can come to Room 305.

Parents who would like to pick up their child outside, MUST give written permission for their child to go home by themselves.  In effort to maintain safety, we ask you to notify us when you are down stairs and we will escort your child down stairs to you.

If your child need to leave earlier than 5:30pm or 5pm on Fridays, please contact Antonio Capellan via email or phone.  If it is reoccurring time, please send an email to Antonio Capellan stating so.

Although we understand on occasion lateness will occur, please be mindful that afterschool ends at 5:30 and 5pm on Fridays.  Please ensure pick up arrangements are made. Should multiple pick up lateness occur, your child’s status in the program can become in jeopardy.   



  • A healthy snack will provided to all students participating in the program through School Foods program.
  • We understand students may prefer to obtain a snack outside of school in local grocery stores.  If needed, we ask students to bring items from home or purchase these items on their way to school as they are not permitted to obtain outside snacks during afterschool hours. When students leave school grounds they are outside of our liability and creates safety concern.  Thus in order to ensure you child is safe we ask you to reinforce this message to them.