Senior Activities

It is our pleasure to announce the upcoming senior activities taking place this year for your child as they make the transition from middle to high school.

 Senior Dance will be held on Tuesday, June 21, from 6:00-9:00 p.m. at Grand Prospect Hall, located at 263 Prospect Avenue in Brooklyn. The dance includes a buffet dinner, a photo booth, and a DJ.

 Graduation will be held on Wednesday, June 22, 9:30 a.m., at the John Jay Educational Complex, located at 237 7th Avenue. Each family will receive four tickets for the event.

 The Six Flags Great Adventure senior trip will be held on Friday, June 17.  We will bedeparting from school at 8:30AM and returning to school around 6:00PM.

The cost of senior dues is $163.00 per student.  This includes:

-Admission to all activities

-Transportation to Six Flags

-A class of 2016 t-shirt

-Cap and gown for graduation

-A yearbook (free of charge for 8th graders, paid by the PTA)

We are asking families who are able to pay $173.00 to offset the cost for students who cannot afford the full amount.

Two payment options are available:

Option 1 – Pay in full

$173 due 5/2

Option 2 – 3 payments

$57 due 5/2

$58 due 5/16

$58 due 6/1

Please make checks payable to MS 447.  Submit payments to Amy Sirot, Parent Coordinator.  If you wish to donate toward a scholarship, please do so by including the additional amount in your payment, and indicate the portion that is for scholarship.If you have any questions or concerns, or are interested in scholarship support, please contact Ms. Sirot (

IMPORTANT: Lastly, all senior activities are contingent on academic standing and behavior.  If your child exhibits inappropriate behavior or is in poor academic standing, your child may not be permitted to attend a particular activity, as determined by the 8th grade staff and administration.  Please note: We cannot refund any money after May 13, including cases in which your child has been excluded for behavior.

We look forward to the excitement of the next few months!


Eli Smith

Assistant Principal



Student Name____________________________Class_____________

Please check any of the following that apply and include the corresponding


_______ Enclosed is my senior dues payment of $_____ paid in full.

_______ Enclosed is my first payment of $_____ towards senior dues.

_______ I am enclosing an additional donation of $_____ to be used towards


_______ I am requesting financial assistance so that my child can participate in these


Want to be a chaperone?

_______ I am interested in being a parent chaperone during the senior dance.

Fee Breakdown:

Class of 2016 t-shirt $7

Cap & gown $18

Senior Dance $67

Six Flags Great Adventure $71

Yearbook paid for by P.T.A.

Student and Parent Signature Required:

By signing below, I understand that my attendance at senior activities depends on my positive behavior and good academic standing. If I behave inappropriately or am in poor academic standing, as determined by my teachers and administration, I may not be allowed to attend one or more 8th grade activities.

Student Signature ______________________________________________

Parent Name___________________________________________________

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