MS 447 Girls Basketball Schedule

Come cheer on the girls basketball team during our home games (parents only at away games, please).  Here is the MS 447 Girls Basketball Game Schedule  2015 – 2016

Thursday December 3rd, 2015                  Home (scrimmage)     MS 51

Wednesday December 9th, 2015             Away                           JHS 383

Tuesday December 15th, 2015                 Away                           JHS 88

Thursday January 7th, 2016                       Home                         MS 562

Thursday January 14th, 2016                     Home                         IS 340

Tuesday January 19, 2016                        Away                           MS 51

Wednesday January 27th, 2016                Away                           MS 562

Thursday February 4th, 2016                     Home                         IS 340

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016            Home                           MS 51

Thursday February 11th, 2016                   Home                         JHS 383

Thursday February 23rd, 2016                   Home                         JHS 88


*There will be one more home game vs MS 51 to be scheduled.  If we make the playoffs, there will be games scheduled to be played in March and April, 2016.   Also, there will be at least 4 more game scheduled for the Zoom league.  These will all be “away” games probably in February.