High School Appeals Process


Appeals are now being accepted for high school placements for the 2016-17 school year.  The appeals form is attached.  Please note that the window for appeals is short–completed forms are due to Ms. Corvinelli no later than Friday, May 13.

Please note that appeals are only granted for certain specific reasons, detailed below.  Please read thoroughly if you are considering filing an appeal.



Please discuss any issues concerning your child’s high school offer with their guidance counselor before deciding to file an appeal. If you still wish to file an appeal, submit this completed form to your guidance counselor by Friday, May 13, 2016. Appeal results willbe distributed to guidance counselors in June.

Important Appeals Information

 Only students who have already received an offer may submit an Appeal Form. If you currently do not have an offer, speak with your guidance counselor.

 You may only file one Appeal Form, and all sections of the form must be completed.

 We will not consider an appeal submitted to change placement to a sibling’s school.

 Appeals are considered for a limited number of circumstances. Your child’s appeal will be reviewed and every consideration will be extended.

The following are reasons for filing an appeal:

Travel Hardship for Student

An appeal may be granted if your home address or the location of the high school offer has changed since the offer was made and the commute from home to school is 75 minutes or greater or otherwise inaccessible by public transportation (i.e. more than three changes).

 If your home address has changed, report this to your current school. For public school students, your current school must enter the new address in the NYCDOE Automate the School (ATS) system.

 Use the MTA’s website at www.mta.info to determine the travel time from your residence to the offered high school and include it in Section 3 of this form.

Special Education Requirement
An appeal may be granted if your child is determined to be eligible for ASD Nest, ASD Horizon, Academic, Career, and Essential Skills (ACES) Programs for students with intellectual disability; IEP mandated for Bilingual Special Education (BSE); or recommended to receive their special education supports and services in a District 75 specialized school.

ELL Requirement

If your child is an English Language Learner (ELL) and/or has recently arrived in New York City, your child may be eligible for placement in a school with an ELL program or a school for new arrivals with available seats.

Accessible Site Requirement

An appeal may be granted if you or your child have a documented physical impairment that would require an accessible school, and your child’s high school placement is not accessible.

Medical Issues

An appeal may be granted if your child has a documented medical condition that requires a change of their high school placement.

Please be prepared to provide all appropriate medical documentation. Examples of acceptable documents are a doctor’s note or letter from a treatment facility.

Safety Issues

An appeal may be granted if your child cannot attend the high school offer due to a personal safety condition. Appropriate documentation that supports the allegations must be available upon request, such as a police report, a court order, orders of protection, or a letter from your lawyer.

Data Entry Error

An appeal may be granted if data was incorrectly transcribed from the high school application to SEMS (Student Enrollment Management System). Appropriate documentation that supports the allegation must be available upon request.

Zoned School

An appeal may be granted if your child received an offer but would now like to attend their zoned school for September.

Remain In Current School

An appeal may be granted if your child received an offer but would now like to remain their current school for September.

Transfer School Requested

An appeal may be granted if your child is interested in attending one of the six transfer schools that are new to high school admissions. Transfer Schools are small, academically rigorous high schools with strong individualized support programs designed for students who find themselves off traditional timelines toward high school graduation. Student ages range from 15 through 21.

Crotona Academy High School (program code L70A)

W.E. B. Dubois Academic High School (program code L71A)

Liberation Diploma Plus (program code L72A)

Professional Pathways High School (program code L73A)

Metropolitan Diploma Plus High School (program code L74A)

Independence High School (program code L75A)