Extended Day and Office Hours Begins!

We are excited to begin our Extended Day program on October 16. Extended Day runs every Wednesday and Thursday from 2:20-3:10. The following letter will help you know what to expect.

Academic Intervention Services

Based on NY State exam score, some students are mandated to stay for small-group academic intervention services in ELA and/or Math. During this time, teachers will work on the skills needs specific to your child. This work will develop and support important foundations of the school-day curriculum. If your child falls into this category, you have already received notification. Attendance will be taken, and dismissal on Wednesdays and Thursdays will be through 500 Pacific Street at 3:10. Students who normally receive busing will begin to be picked up by their bus beginning November 6. Please make alternate plans for pick-up until then.

OPTIONAL Office Hours

During Extended Day (2:20-3:10), non-mandated students will have the optional opportunity to visit subject teachers during “office hours” on a drop in basis, with a teacher’s approval. Teachers representing all core academic and non-academic subjects will be available to provide extra assistance or support on an as-needed basis. Non-academic subject teachers will provide enrichment in their discipline. Please read the following guidelines for office hours:

  • Teachers may refer a student to office hours, or students may request to attend office hours for a particular subject. Please note that the teacher facilitating office hours may not be your child’s teacher, but will be a teacher from the same grade/subject, and will be in communication with your child’s teacher. Space in each group is limited, and teachers, will use their discretion based on need.
  • When attending a session, students must present a red referral pass from the referring teacher.
  • Students should go to their locker with their official class at the end of 8th period, and then go promptly to their office hours session. They may not exit the building and return for office hours.
  • Students must stay for the full duration of the session (2:20-3:10), and may only attend one session.
  • When students attend office hours, they must sign in on the attendance log.
  • As much as possible, teachers will provide advance notice when they’d like a student to stay. They will encourage students to call home, and students will be able to use their cell phone at the start of the session to call home.
  • At the end of the session, the teacher will stamp, date, and initial the back of the red referral pass for each student that attended his/her session. This also serves as a note home to parents indicating where your child spent the extended day session.
  • Dismissal is through 500 Pacific Street at 3:10.
  • Non-mandated students will not be picked up by buses if they stay for an extended day session.

We look forward to working with your child during Extended Day! Please direct any questions to the grade-level guidance counselor or social worker that is assigned to your child’s grade.


–MS 447 Administration