Exploration Blog Updates

The Exploration Team has added lots of new posts to the Exploration Blog. If you are not able to attend our Expos during the day, you can check out pictures and learn about our interdisciplinary units of study. Some recent additions include the 8th Grade Perception Expo (be sure to click on the links to our students’ amazing video advertisements!), the 6th Grade City Planning Expo, the 7th Grade European Renaissance Share Faire, and the launch of a couple of our 8th Grade Service Learning Projects: Be the Change and Healthy Communities.

Here’s just a few teasers:

8th Graders volunteering at Cuyler Warren Soup Kitchen.



7th Graders at the Renaissance Share Faire

7th grade 2 7th grade 37th grade


6th Graders at the City Planning Expo:

expo Gowanus project selecc - 121