Camp Bernie Packing List

In order for students to be safe and comfortable while at Camp Bernie, it is important that they come prepared.

All jewelry and other expensive belongings (electronics, etc…) or those with sentimental value should be left at home.  Please be aware that cell phone usage during Camp Bernie activities is prohibited. Should a student bring a cell phone, it must remain turned off and in the student’s bunk area.  All other electronic devices are prohibited on the trip.  Please keep items such as reading tablets, ipods, ipads, and the like at home.


All belongings should be labeled with the student’s name.

Required Items:

  • Weather appropriate outdoor clothing (layers are highly recommended)

    • (Enough for three days worth of cold/wet weather)

    • Gloves

  • Fleece, hoodie, (maybe a knit hat for the night hike) AND a comfortable jacket

  • Undergarments, pajamas

  • Socks and shoes (sneakers or boots only – shoes designed for outdoor activity)

  • Rain gear

  • Sleeping bag or bedding for one twin bed – including pillow, sheets, and blanket

  • Toiletry bag with necessary items – toothbrush, paste, soap, deodorant, towel, flip flops for shower, etc…