Calling all City Planners/Civil Engineers as Expert Consultants

We are looking for parents (or other relatives) who have expertise in the fields of city planning or civil engineering (or other related professions).  Our 6th grade students are designing communities for the Brownfield on Smith Street called Public Place.  As they plan, design, and build we would love to have parents serving as Consultants to field questions and to propose questions and ideas that might prompt their thinking and design to richer, deeper, more creative and thoughtful places.  You could give us an hour or two or multiple days, whatever fits into your schedule.  Times are listed as 9:30-1, but if you can only give a portion of that time just email me with your availability.   If you want to work with YOUR CHILD’S class — be sure to check with them on whether they have Exploration on E Day(RED YELLOW BLUE) or F Day (ORANGE PURPLE GREEN) before signing up.  THANKS for your continued involvement with the Exploration Program!   Contact Joy Canning at with questions.

Sign up here.