7th Grade Supply List

Dear 7th Grade Families,

Welcome to your second year at MS 447!  Student preparedness for class plays a key role in academic success.  Below is a list of all of the required materials for seventh grade content classes.  Please be aware that because 7th grade students take different talent classes, these teachers may request additional classroom materials. We thank you for your support in helping the teaching staff at MS 447 do their best to meet your child’s needs and allow look forward to another successful year!


School-Wide Supplies

•        Reusable water bottle

•        One combination lock  (available for purchase from school)

•        Agenda book (Provided by MS 447 – please send $5 on the first day of school!)

•        Manual pencil sharpener (that catches its own shavings)

•        Many #2 pencils, and pens in blue/black ink (enough for the whole year)



•        Notebook or Section in binder with loose leaf paper

•        Three separate folders (Independent Reading; To Kill a Mockingbird; class materials)

•        Computer printing paper (classroom use)

•        Package of 3×5 index cards

•        Post-its



•        2 graph paper notebooks (preferably marble notebooks)

•        Separate folder for math handouts only

•        Loose-leaf paper for homework and graded classwork

•        Dry erase markers (classroom use)



•        1 composition (marble) notebook

•        Separate folder for Science handouts only


Social Studies

•        A one-inch binder just for social studies, or a social studies section in a larger binder

•        A folder with pockets

•        Loose-leaf paper

•        Reinforcements for hole-punched sheets when they get ripped

Art (only for students in Art TALENT)

•        Unlined sketchbook



•        Printer Copy Paper (classroom use)

•        Box of tissues

•        Loose leaf paper

•        Construction paper

•        Glue sticks



•        One 2-pocket folders with fasteners inside, for Exploration only

•        Journal book (such as a Moleskine or composition notebook)

•        Reusable water bottle for trips



•        1 composition (marble) notebook or section within a binder

•        1 folder for Spanish handouts

•        Loose-leaf paper


Theatre (Only for students in Theatre TALENT)

•        1 notebook (to be kept in class)

•        One folder with loose leaf  paper


7th Grade Classrooms “Wish List” (this includes Guidance and Exploration!)

In addition to required classroom supplies, we depend on donated supplies that are utilized by the entire class.  It would be MUCH appreciated if you could donate at least one item to each content classroom.  Thank you in advance for your generosity!!!

•        Tissues

•        Loose leaf paper (wide-ruled)

•        Disinfectant cleaning wipes

•        Paper towels

•        Pencils and pens

•        Glue sticks

•        Index cards

•        Scotch tape

•        Staples/Student staplers

•        Clear packing tape

•        Colored pencils

•        Colored markers

•        Computer printing paper

•        Paper clips

•        Dry erase markers

•        Glue sticks, tape, colored paper (for Expo)

•        Tissues, Clorox wipes, travel-sized deodorants (for Guidance)

… And of course, we’re always happy to receive donations of Young Adult books for our classroom libraries!


Have a wonderful summer!  We look forward to seeing you in September!!



The MS 447 Seventh Grade Teachers