6th Grade Water Stewardship Exploration Update

Take a look at the updated 6th grade Exploration Calendars for the remainder of the year.  Most of the changes are reflected on the E Day Calendar due to the cancellation of the Sloop Clearwater Trip.  Please note:  We were unable to reschedule the sailing trip, but have scheduled in its place Dockside Ecology Workshops at the South Street Seaport.  We have also scheduled trips to check our oyster cages at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. There are still slots open to chaperone our spring trips.  Please sign up at Signupgenius
Additionally, we are outside a lot this spring.  Please have your children check for ticks upon returning from our stewardship projects, particularly when we return from Jamaica Bay.  Also they should bring water bottles and use sunscreen when appropriate.  We ask too that if they have bee allergies or severe seasonal allergies they should always keep their epipens with them on our offsite trips.
Please note that your children are also in the midst of Water Stewardship Action Plans. Thank you for any support you are giving them in their volunteering, fundraising, educating, personal change, and activism.
Exploration Team